Teacher’s Training on Creo®

Math, Science and Computer teachers are trained thoroughly by our expert trainers. The teachers receives hands on practical training on each aspect of PTC’s Creo STEM Edition Software. The training provided helps the teachers to understand the capabilities of CREO® and prepares them to use CREO® to develop innovative and creative designs.

PTC® has developed and designed an innovative curriculum for students to understand various aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The STEM concepts are innovatively implemented while using Creo® to design various day to day products like mobile, flower vase, sports bottle, racing car and even airplane and rockets! Teachers are trained using proprietary techniques to make the students implement their academic learning in Science and Mathematics to design various products for human use. The teachers need not have software or programming background. Their flair toward innovation, creativity and designing is enough for them to learn Creo® for making their students innovators and designers!

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