Students Training on STEM based Learning on Creo®

Creo® STEM's Edition Software is 3D CAD Designing, award winning software which is used by corporate giant companies to design world class products which are numero uno in their fields. Students of the age group of 12 yrs. To 18 yrs. are taught on Creo® STEM's Edition Software to design various products using the creative and innovative syllabus prepared by PTC® experts. Students imagination are given the required momentum to create innovative and creative designs. Several students have come out with wonderful designs which beat the imagination of even best creative persons in the industry. The student in the age group of 12 yrs. to 18 yrs. is rich in creative thinking and looking to innovate and create unique. This crave to innovate, design and create is what is harnessed at the PTC® STEM Academy. Students are trained to create designs such as Rocket, Car, Racing Car, Sports bottle, Alphabet soup, etc. using Creo® Software where they actually implement their STEM knowledge learnt in STEM academics.

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